Mark Cave (BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma – Graphics)

Graphics allows me to create work and visually communicate in the ways I like. I like all forms of creative communication including books, film, music and more. I’m not sure where this will take me in the future because I like so many different things but I am excited to find out and I do have ideas of creating lots of things in the future in many different creative areas. Collage has become a big interest of mine. At the start of this year, I had done collage in the past briefly but since then I have taken inspiration from street graffiti artist BO130 and I like layering rough collage backgrounds with an illustration overlay. I then started doodling characters and found my style change direction once more but lately I started to draw lots of inspiration from Junji Ito (a horror manga artist) and Kentaro Mirua known for his amazing work on BERSERK (a Japanese manga).

The work of SLICK was to make people feel larger than life. So, the idea of models or famous faces from the 50s/60s in big cities represented as giants felt like a cool idea to try out. Vintage feeling came from the idea of people loving vintage advertisement. I tried to add a feel of modern due to my target audience being 20 age range. The text Idea came from the Album TRANQUILTY BASE HOTEL AND CASINO. The idea came from the way the album made me feel quite slick so why not use the font they used on the album cover as it had a future feel to it.

I have been doing art for a while now and I feel my interest grows more each day. Recently in my own time I took pictures on an old film camera. I would like to do this more. I would like to take more pictures of people. I love to make collages using models. So, I would someday like to take my own and use them within my own pieces. My first year back at college really opened my eyes to how much I enjoy Graphics. To find something I finally like has been great for me. I never really see my work as college projects but rather more as a blog of my progression.